Fall Break

I am going to act like it hasn't been a month since my last post. Onward and upward, right?

Speaking of upward, here is the view from by backyard today. The view from the front yard is even better. But this is still pretty glorious (despite the despised mulch from the neighbors behind us, and the next door neighbors who smartly put turf under their playset, but which also makes our yard look kinda bad—focus on the mountains, please):

So it's Fall Break around here. Not that it means anything, really. It just means Finn and Maya have a 4 day weekend while Wes is out of town and I have the stomach flu. So it does mean something, actually. It means I am struggling with two crazy kids at home. But luckily a friend from church came by to pick up Finn to play. It was perfect timing, and I really appreciated it.

Just before she just happened to stop by, Finn was doing this:

"Mom? Do you know what my favorite movie is? Jurassic Park Pirates."
"Mom? Do you know what dinosaur is the most dangerous? The Dilophosaurus. No Raptor."
"Mom? Do you know how to build a pirate ship airplane?"
"Mom? Do you know what we will do if the house catches on fire during breakfast, and we don't have time to pack our ham and eggs?"
"Mom? Do you know how to make a pumpkin bat?"
"Mom? Do you know what you can do if someone makes fun of your orange toenails? Just ignore 'em."
"Mom? Do you know that if I shake my Sprite it will spray down the WHOLE house?"
"Mom? Do you know if Maya is still napping?"
"Mom? Do you know if we are going to the park today?"
"Mom? Do you know how the Earth spins?"
"Mom? Do you know that today I learned how to use your big orange scissors?!" (As he holds up my Fiskars at a dangerous angle.

AAAGGGHHH! :) Then I realized this is the time he's usually in school. Clearly he was feeling the need for some mental stimulation. I wasn't doing a great job of fulfilling that need when the doorbell rang. Tender mercies of the Lord, I tell ya!

[making paper race cars]

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Unknown said...

love the view! Are you able to put up fencing, so you can have relief from pesky neighbors?
Also, I just wanted to let you know that I found you on youtube and went and had my hair cut the next day! It's been about 4 months, and I still love it. Might never go back! Hope you feel better!

Joy @ www.joyfulsearches.blogspot.com