Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design
Packages starting at $300 plus the cost of any stock needed. 

 • All mockups and proofs until we have a final design.
 • A layered PSD file in case you need to change the text, use without text for a book trailer, etc.
 • A full-size version (6"×9″)
 • An eBook version suitable for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Amazon, and Smashwords.
 • A smaller promo file for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
 • Promo images of the cover placed in a Kindle and Book format (like images below).

Print On Demand Book (POD) Templates: 
This is an extra fee of $40, in addition to the above.

• A layered PSD file of the cover template, in case you need to make changes at a later date.
• The creation of the CMYK cover template PDF, balanced for a maximum 240% black ink density for best results.
• A small proof image showing the template with all safe areas marked out.
• Please provide your back cover copy and any tagline or strapline, your Lightning Source template OR for Createspace, the exact number of pages after you upload the novel, the color of the paper (cream paper makes the spine wider), and the dimensions/trim size of the book.
• Note: There is an additional $10 fee for covers with heavy black ink.

Interior Map Designs starting at $75

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