A week of firsts

New home. New state. New schools. Last week Finn started kinder and Maya started preschool.
I'll let the cuties do the talking. *And lest you think I now have time to myself, Finn is in afternoon kinder that only goes for 3 hours (and 2 hours on Monday—wha??). And Maya has preschool 2 mornings a week. So now between school and soccer (which started today), I am a constant shuttle service. I more exhausted than ever. ;)

Finn's teacher had a baby three days before school started, and she STILL showed up for the first day! 
That's dedication. I ran to the store and bought her a baby present. Haha.

Pirate on his Show-And-Tell sack:


This girl wanted to wear a tutu 2 days in a row. Who am I to stop her?

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Christy said...

Does this mean you get a couple hours a day BY YOURSELF?!?! I seriously can't wait. That day is a few years away for me though...