Bootstraps and Birchbox

I'm still here. I'm feeling better in some ways, not so hot in others. I am taking a medicine that is going to make me feel junky before I (hopefully) get better. So fingers crossed that we're getting closer to the cause of my effects. In the mean time, I decided to pull myself up by the bootstraps this morning, and take some photos to prove that, yes, Wes, I still own makeup, and can still look like I number among the living. :) Yesterday I got a happy little hotpink box on my doorstep. Did you? If you don't know what I am talking about, I am referring to Birchbox. (I have to say it every time, because it makes me famous by association.) My sister-in-law (my little bro's wifey) dreamed up this company, and is now doing quite well for herself. Better than quite well, I imagine, because Birchbox has exploded. And it's really an awesome idea. It's a monthly (or yearly) beauty subscription program. I get hand-picked beauty samples delivered to my doorstep. Then I try out all these little samples to see what works for me. If I love them, I can buy them through Birchbox's site, and gain loyalty points towards full-size product discounts. You can read more abou it HERE.

Anyhoooooo. I thought I'd share my favorite find in the "Haute Box" with you today. Usually there are one or two things that really stand out. And this month it was the blinc eyeliner. It's a liquid eyeliner that uses warm water removal. And wouldn't you just know it? My very favorite beauty product I own is my warm water removal mascara from Clinique (High Impact Curling, or Lash Power). (blinc also makes a similar mascara.) And the eye liner does not disappoint. I tried it out with much success for someone who never wears liquid liner. Super happy with the results. And so far it's lasted through the day. It doesn't smear or smudge, and can only be removed with warm water and a little swipe of my finger (no makeup remover required). Take a look at my vanity (it only took my like 20 photos to get a few that looked great):

Note to self: Pencil in the ends of my eyebrows.
Note to Birchbox: Got a great product for that?
Not to readers: Do not over-pluck your eyebrows when you are young. Otherwise you'll find that you can no longer get them to grow in as thickly as before once you reach your 30s.

P.S. No one is compensating me for this post. I just love the stuff.

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Senja said...

awesome! I wish we had the same in Sweden - that is really a great idea! You don't look sick at all btw - very pretty :)

I just saw your new profile photo - love it! It's perfect :)

Kristina said...

You look fab so I hope you start feeling better soon. Your kids are so precious I have to check for more pics every day. And this Birchbox sounds AWESOME. Answer to your brow question: try Anastasia. I have always had very sparse brows. Love, love, love their product. Stays put and not fake looking.

Tiffany M. said...

I have been wanting the perfect liquid liner- better go check my mailboxy.
Also I was thinking of doing a Birchbox post too! I'm in love with it. And Katia, for thinking of it.