Summertime Snaps

I've been testing out a product in order to do a review over at The Blog Guidebook. And it has caused me to do the unthinkable. Digital Scrapbooking. Yes, I know lots of people (maybe even you) enjoy this often worthwhile past time. But having worked as someone who created digital scrapbooking products for a few years, honestly the last thing I want to do is put my photos in happy little layouts. But I was surprised to find myself actually enjoying it today (cringe, I know). And wouldn't you know it? They turned out so darned cute that I thought I'd post the final results. And it was a nice way to share some summertime snapshots from when were up in Oregon. Here you have it:

(This is chocolate face, not dirt, I assure you. Although that wouldn't be surprising for Maya...)

If you are interested in the software I was using, it's called My Memories. You download the software, and then can create all kinds of digital photo projects (cards, books, layouts, even slideshows and videos). They have a lot more going for them than other online digital scrapbooking software. I personally decided to download the kits and use them in Photoshop with some of my other elements. But that's the nice thing about My Memories—you can use their software if you haven't the slightest idea how to use Photoshop (or the like). You can customize it to make it fit your own way of working. Aaaaaand I just gave them a plug without even meaning to. Ha!

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Jessie said...

so cute! my daughter has that little tutu bathing suit too. it's the cutest item this summer!

christina said...

My kids are total nose pickers. It makes me less embarrassed to know there are others out there.



Crystal Farish said...

Super cute pages!!!! I would use those -- and you know how I feel about scrapbooking. :)

Crystal Farish said...

P.S. So love that you are scrapbooking the finger in the nose photos. You will definately want memories of that. I wish I had taken a few. :) Make sure you get a few feet dangling from the toilet shots as well. I miss that. :)