Bedtime Books

Here's what we read tonight:

Hush Little Dragon
by Boni Ashburn
Why we love it: 
Gorgeous illustrations, great rhymes, and a sweet sentiment at the end.

Little Hoot
by Amy Krouse Roenthal
Why we love it: 
Again, the illustrations, unexpected and clever wording, the twist factor 
(a little owl who wants to go to bed early)

What are you reading tonight?

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Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

I may just have to buy that Little Hoot book, sounds so adorable! Love baby owls!

I read 50 stories tonight! I'm wiped out!

Beth said...

Olivia Goes to Venice (Audrey's pick - she loves Olivia), and some construction truck book Tyler got at the library. Big on the library visits during the summer. Yeah, that owl book looks darling.

Tiffany M. said...

The Melancholic Mermaid- really sweet for bedtime. Even if you are an adult:)