Christmas Part 3: Family

We had a good turn-out this year! My little family, my brother and his wifey (Greg & Katia), my Aunt Shannon (my mom's sister), and her daughter (my cousin Kelsey), all hung out under my parents' roof. You'd think with that many people that there would be plenty of opportunity to sneak off and leave the kids with someone else, or hang out and relax. But instead, Maya decided she didn't want ANYONE other than me (not even Wes) touching, feeding, consoling, talking to, holding, bathing, kissing, playing with, or generally looking at her. This was mostly because of a bad cold, cough, and ear infection. But suffice it to say, my left arm muscle is substantially more sore than my right—and still is. She had her good moments, but most of the time she was playing Miss Pouty Pants (so was I). Mom, Dad, please come visit us and see that Maya does in fact love and remember you. She'll even give you kisses before bed. Promise! 

Aunt Shannon had these awesome feathers in her hair. I'd never seen them before. They suited her perfectly. Katia was the epitome of fashion and lovliness. Believe me when I tell you that she probably caused a few heart attacks at the local Walmart. I thought I was looking good in my new winter coat until Katia walked out in her new winter coat. I almost passed out. A fur collar, cinched waist, and perfectly placed zippers may or may not have been involved.

Wes and Greg talked film and tech. And Kelsey was the easy-going beautiful addition that she always is. Finn asked if her tiny and tasteful nose ring meant she was a pirate. She said YES. Finn thought she was the coolest from there on out, and kept whispering something to me that sounded like "Captain Jack Sparrow." 

My mom had been really sick, so my Dad was running the show. And he was doing a darn good job of it! Although my mom rallied in time for us to take Finn to the live production of Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer in Ft. Worth. He loved it—even if he did insist on sitting on my lap the whole time. It was his first play. I think theater attendance is in his future.

I tried not to act like a complete zombie the entire trip. I really do have to apologize to everyone. I was like a weird version of myself. And I know this because Wes kept concernedy pulling me aside in the hall to tell me so. He seemed genuinely worried. Probably because I was "sleeping" sitting up with Maya on my chest every night so that she could breathe, the poor dear (me, not Maya...I have no sympathy for that crazy little kiddo...jk). I averaged about 3-4 hours of sporadic sleep a night. And I insisted on not napping when she did, so that I wouldn't miss a single game of Farkle, or gingerbread house creation, or screening of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I have a feeling everyone probably thought my head had popped off on Christmas morning, and not Woody's! Good thing Christmas comes around again and again, so that I can make up for it with properly rested future merriment!

It really was good to see everyone. I love my family, and even if we're not all in the best health or state of mind, it's better to be together than apart.

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Unknown said...

I feel for you with the Maya thing. John has decided that his morning nap will last about 3 to 4 hours if he is lying on my chest. If he is anywhere else it will only last about 15 to 20 minutes.

Yesterday John was napping on me and I was famished but couldn't figure out how to move and eat without waking him...then I read your blog about the yummy Italian food. (Yes...the one with the pictures!) I settled for a conveniently located granola bar. (The granola did not taste like delicious stuffed pasta.)

Lybi said...

OH maaaan! The pain of sick kids on vacation--I'm sorry! And I know just what you mean about feeling like a weird version of yourself. However, I think your "weird version" is probably still cooler and more fun to be around than the average well-rested person. And you're right--there's always next year!