Christmas Part 4: FUN!

We really did have some fun moments. The tepee my mom made for the kids was SO fantastic. I cant wait to set it up at my house. I  hung a little lantern in it, and seriously considered sleeping down stairs in the tepee next to the Christmas tree lights. Sigh.

My mom's Birthday is on Christmas Day, which is so special! And this year I hand made the decorations (ornament balls for a center piece, "Oh Happy Day" banner, fabric and felt napkin rings, and place cards. And she still has the little cake I made for her out of felt last year. It was a fun addition.

 My brother is such a good sport to sport that elf hat, no?

Up next: the surprisingly small stash of photos taken in Mesa—the second half of our trip. I think because Maya was feeling better, I had even LESS time to photograph things (chasing and saving were high on my priority list).

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christina said...

Your gingerbread house looks WAY better than ours did.

{Love the new layout!}


Lauren said...

I love how EVERYONE got involved in making the gingerbread house. Happy Brithday (your) mom.

Senja said...

awesome :) and it looks like so much fun!