Credit where it's due

Because of some health issues lately, I am cutting out most of my design work. And Stephanie Nielson's new calendar wasn't an exception. (Booooo...) As much as I WANTED to be a part of it, I knew I couldn't undertake that amount of design. So I helped her find a great designer who's style and talent I knew would compliment the current NieNie Dialogues aesthetic. And that happens to be Megan from Shabby Blogs! I passed along my design elements and secrets, so that Megan could create a design that was as close as possible to the look on Stephanie's site. She definitely adds a nice touch of cheer and whimsy to the design! I'm excited to see how the final project turned out. So hop on over and check it out:
(click on the image for the link)

Because I have such a great arsenal of designs and work done for the past two years of Stephanie's banners, I am still able to continue her current banners. So I am happy to at least be part of things, even a little bit. And there is always The Bee & Nie with some labels just in time for the holidays!

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Christy said...

Oh wow! It looks so similar to your headers I just assumed it was you! Sorry for the assumption!

Hope youre feeling better every day Lyndsay!


Unknown said...

No worries! I worked with Megan in the beginning to help her with elements and style to get the right look for the calendar. I made sure she had references of all the banners in the past, and as many design elements that I could send along in order to recreate the style. She did a great job!

Crystal Farish said...

I'm so glad you mentioned this. I know you designed her banner and was wondering what the heck happened!!