State of the Union

A few things I have been up to:
• Christmas gifts of the hand-made variety. Including THESE.
• Research and writing.
• Serving my sick children. (I am trying to remind myself it's service, or I might lose my mind at 2am when I am washing sheets, you know?)
• Eating tomato basil soup.
• Reading THIS magazine (absolutely worth the $10 subscription price found HERE.)
• Disinfecting my entire house, while expecting the worst but hoping for the...not-quite-the-worst, at least (see third bullet point).

A few things I've been pondering:
• "We are not defined by our trials, but by how we face them." I heard this quote today from a young woman, maybe 16 years old. I felt pretty humbled. Even though she may not have created that phrase herself, she was definitely learning from it, remembering it, and putting it into practice.

• Ways to encourage Finn to sleep in his own bed on a regular basis.

• The following (click on the image to visit the links):
Recycled Craft: Dress-Shirt Pillow
dress shirt pillow

Preserve Family History with Memorykeeping Crafts
interesting ways to preserve family history

yummy dinners once this bug passes

great lighting, and ways to improve my photography
 photo by Wes Johnson...of course

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Christy said...

Oh we were sick for weeks and weeks and weeks too...finally on the up and up here. Hope you are too. You are so creative and crafty!

Nie's calendar?! To die for. What a fabulous creation Lyndsay! I LOVE it. (I'm assuming it's your work, right?! I love her November banner too! Sooo glad you're still doing those for her - they are such a treat each month!)

Shorty said...

I hope you and your family are back to wellness soon! I am recovering from Bronchitis, and I'm sooooo tired of coughing. Being ill is definitely no fun, no matter what is causing the suffering.

Great pics!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

love your blog :) hope your kiddos feel better soon :)

christina said...

Sorry about all the sickness. Hope YOU get to feelin' better too!