Finn's Goals

(Or rather, my goals for him. But I make him think they are his ideas, too.
And sometimes I admit I bribe and/or threaten...especially with goal #5.)

1. Finish learning all the letters in the alphabet, viewed randomly. We're stuck on T (which he keeps trying to
call S), Y, J, V, and U. He finally got X and R through pirattitude. "X marks the spot."And "Pirates say Rrrrrrrr."
And when he sees the letter G, he sings the Alphabet up to that letter. Every time. Super funny.

2. Start in with the numbers (recognizing 1-10 visually, in random order).

3. Write his name (not too difficult, he's got the F down, especially when it has a super long tail, and extra "little pokies" coming off of it).

4. See if the little people he's been drawing still have arms and legs that come straight out of their heads. Maybe add in some animals to the mix.

5. LEARN TO PICK UP, already! Sheesh.

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