Operation Organization: THE CLOSET (dun dun dun)

It's done. I did it. My closet is organized. And THIS time, I didn't cut corners. There is no question which size (fill in the blank) is where. Each shoe has a mate. That awful chest of drawers is neatly folded and organized. And I had 2 heaping bags to take to the donation site (well, I still need to do that, actually). I have gotten better at forcing myself to clean out my closet ever since Finn was born, and I went through the mayhem of what fits now, and is this still maternity, and where the heck are my bras that fit...

I am sure you have all heard the analogy between weight loss and closet purging. I believe it! I also honestly believe that if we get our lives (and closets) in order, we will feel emotionally and mentally better. Well, I do, at least. And I noticed my body image changed as soon as I had that first cathartic closet-cleaning experience after Finn was born 2 years ago.

This time I left no stone unturned. It took me all day, and I had the swollen ankles to prove it. But the end results go something like this:

Thank goodness for Ikea's closet systems. It was one of our best renovation decisions, in my opinion. I have to admit, part of this process is a type of mourning. I know we will not be in this house in 2 years. And I am sad everyday at that thought. I am even more distressed over the fact that I will have to fit this whole house full of life into potentially an apartment—with one more child, at that! ("I'm mellllting!!") So I guess I am just taking full advantage of this house, and all the space it has to offer, while I can. (Next up: The Play Room—which is almost pointless, really...) PS—I SHARE this closet with Wes. Don't get carried away thinking this is my own fantastic space. His side will get organized by Wes himself. :)

I went over to the Home & Decorating section of Martha Stewart's website (don't browese too long on that site, unless you want to fall victim to an inferiority complex...not that I love Martha, but I can't deny she has a gift).

Check out THIS LINK to find "Simple Ways to Stay Tidy" and a "Share Your Ideas" forum. She has a lot of great tips overall, like Clotheskeeping, Organization Tip of the Day, and a Quiz to see just where you stand in the organization department.

I found this quick tip for ribbons. I love that it looks simple to create (especially the bottom box), and it's homemade!

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Ali said...

I am so jealous of your closet! That is one of my next Home renovations…some kind of closet system. Mike and I each have one sliding door closet (you know the one with one shelf and bar at the top of the closet?) Lame-O. Nice camera too!

dandee said...

I LOVE your closet! Organization is such a great feeling. Yay for you!

Lexi said...

All I can say is W-O-W. I ♥ that closet organizer!

Shorty said...

How exciting! You've got a fantastic closet! Kudos to you for knocking out the project in a day.

April Kennedy said...

I want a place to store my jewelry like you have. That is sooo lovely! And, that way you can see everything you have!

And I, too, am not a complete fan of Martha...I am of her staff! But talk about feelings of inferiority....sometimes just going on etsy gets me all feeling so small and insecure...which really isn't my personality, but it makes me wish I could do more and be more crafty. Same with some scrapbooking sites and even blogs. But I do love being inspired by each of them and Martha's stuff really does inspire me too!