Meet my new birthday present (9 days early, because Wes couldn't resist). This is my new Canon EOS 30D. YAY! I am squealing in delight. I was NOT expecting this. At all. Firstly, I am very used the the fact that Wes is not big on giving gifts on appropriate gift-giving days (especially big gifts). I am fine with that. It makes the days he does gift something extra special. So this was pretty big, completely unexpected, and very well received! I love the weight of it in my hands.

I haven't used an SLR manual camera for over 6 years. You heard right, manual. I am keeping that little dial on "M." No auto setting, no aperture priority. OK, auto focus, but that was because Wes said I am not cheating. He even uses auto focus a lot. I really want to try to use this camera to it's full potential (and because you can't be married to Wes and set a camera like this on auto...not really allowed). But I am resurrecting all of that undergrad photo course knowledge I have buried deep in the recesses of my now fully digital brain. Sure, it's a digital camera, but I am going to need to remember all of my shutter speed, aperture, and ISO knowledge. And I have the best resource possible! He's endlessly patient, too. I am going to go straight to the Canon digital learning center on their website HERE for some much-needed slash useful lessons. Check them out if you have a Canon. Wes, you're the man. My man. Want to pose for a portrait?

So I think I have set myself up. I am in no way expecting to make amazingly great photographs. So please don't be too hard on me. ;)

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Babeich said...

Congrats, Lyndsay! And an early Happy Birthday. :)

Shorty said...

Yeah for you! My husband has a cool Canon that looks similar to that and I know he loves it. I just stick with my little chicken autofocus camera. Can't wait to see the pics you share! I hope you have a great birthday week and a half!

Tiffany M. said...

congratulations! that looks like a beautiful camera. it sounds like you have a great head start on how to use it. it won't be long before you're submitting photos in magazines with wes. :)

Ginger John said...

Ohhh that is totally awesome! Yay! Go Wes good call :) You deserve it Lyndsay!!