The Smarts

Who knew there was an entire sub culture for crossword puzzle fanatics? Well, ok, it's really not a sub culture at all, and probably everyone is doin' it (except me). (So I guess everyone knew...) 
Last night I watched Wordplay, a documentary on the ups and downs (pardon the bad pun) of the world of The New York Times crossword puzzlers—as in those who endeavor, and some better than others, to solve The Times' weekly crosswords. It was entirely entertaining, and, admittedly made me wish I could be part of that group of elitist-seeming smarty pants who can whiz through the grid in under 5 minutes (!). At the beginning of the film a man was explaining that it was late (after midnight), and he was hoping he could "finish the puzzle before 2:30." I was naive enough to think that we was going to spend 2 and a half hours working on this Sunday crossword. That would make for one late night. Oh, no! He meant TWO MINUTES THIRTY SECONDS. That's when I realized what kind of people they would actually documenting in this film. Check it out. It's worth a rent. 

On another note, I am sure every parent thinks, at some point, that they have genius children. Today I had that moment when I thought my 14 month old baby boy was the smartest kiddo. I had put on my robe, but was missing the waist tie. As I walked into the living room, I was saying "Where did the tie to my robe go?" Finn walked past me, down the hall. A minute later he emerged carrying my white, fuzzy robe tie! I was all astonishment. It was so darling. (The rest of his bag of tricks includes barking like a dog, quacking like a duck, identifying a light at "hot," and the cacti as "ouch." Take a bow, little man.)

PS—Greg, how fast can you do a NY Times puzzle? 

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Emily Ruth said...

I just wrote a long comment and Blogger deleted it! Arggh. It was something to the jist of, "It would take me 2 1/2 WEEKS. Cool flick. We'll have to check it out." and "of course Finn is a genius. We would expect nothing less from parents like his. Also, he is so stinkin cute. Morris wants to be his buddy; )"