16mm first

As some of you know, Wes is aspiring to become a Cinematographer. His plans are to apply (and of course get in) to AFI (American Film Institute) in L.A. So he is starting to shoot on 16mm film. 

(This is not shot digitally, and all of the effects are done in camera. 
I think it's a wonderful little short.)

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nie nie said...

that was so darling! very cool.

Stephanie said...

ooo. i love it.

emidinkl said...

Wow. Impressive. Hey, please tell your talented husband that if he ever needs an actress of the Emily-type for a project, to please call me? I will happily be a go-fer or grip if he needs one on set too; )OK. Now I'm just sounding desperate.

Nichole said...

Love it! The little girl looks so happy as she spins and spins. Good Luck to Wes on getting into AFI too! :)