Since I still haven't purchased a new camera yet, I thought I would borrow from Wes's camera:

Dear you,
I think you are one of the most talented photographers. Period. I am not biased. I am not just being nice because it is my loving, wifely duty. Even if I was your mortal enemy I would have to say, begrudgingly, through clenched teeth, "you'reaverygoodphotographer." You have a gift that you have recognized and are magnifying. I believe in you and support you. And even though the life of an artist is uncertain sometimes, and a bit "go ahead and take control," you take control nicely. There is no way you can't succeed. Your endeavors jump at the opportunity to become reality.

Find Wes here and here.

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sara said...

Hi Lyndsay! Thanks for the Fluidity tip :) I have a treadmill which I use occasionally but it does get pretty boring unless I'm watching something exciting on TV... I'm just not a dedicated exerciser unless I'm trying to lose 10 lbs for swimsuit season or something... rapidly approaching! Your banners look great! My husband helped me with mine; he's not a graphic artist by trade but has those skills (unlike me; I'm completely un-artsy!)

Thanks for stoppping by my blog. These photos you have are amazing!

Lee said...

I don't think your bias just honest :) Wes really is a AWSOME photographer!