The Rents

We had a fun-filled week with my parents who came in to visit Finn and me while Wes was away for a photoshoot in L.A. We took a trip up to Wes's parents' cabin in Williams, AZ, headed down to the artists' town of Tubac where my mom bought a great painting from a wonderful little gallery down there, had fun shopping (I have now have some fun fall clothes), and basically spent the week lovin' up the baby. It was great to see my parents! We always have such a good time together. Here are some pics of the gang:

Grandad and Finn (he's going for the glasses...)

Everyone hanging out on the guest room bed
(Tiffany, the puppies, Finn and my Mom and Dad).

Mom and me in Tubac, AZ...cutting up.

Out to dinner with the whole family. That's Wes's mom holding Finn.
He loved having all of his grandparents around!

Sleepy boy at the end of a busy day.
Check out those awesome "BabyLegs" (www.babylegs.com).

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Nichole said...

I love seeing your with your mom, AND I miss seeing her when I go visit my mom at Polk. *sigh*