Scene of domesticity

A year ago Wes and I moved into our current house. That was after 3 months of intense remodeling. Let's just say we had to deal with 2000 sq. feet of thick 70s carpeting and mirrors with that painful metallic crackle effect. Being modernists at heart (mid-century, that is), we wanted a home built in that era, but most of the 1940-50s built homes in this area (still in great shape) are way out of our price range. So we settled on a remodel of this house, and we love love love it. So in honor of living here a year, I thought I would post some pictures of our home. I have to give a lot of credit to Wes. As visual and artistic as I am, I had a tough time visualizing an entire remodel in full 3D. So Wes took me over to the recently re-opened mid-century wonder of a hotel, the Valley Ho (in Scottsdale: www.hotelvalleyho.com). Wes has photographed fashion shoots there before, so they know him. He pretended I was a client that wanted to check out the luxury suites to get ideas for a photoshoot (so I had to pretend I was not married to Wes, despite the fact that I was 6 or so months pregnant with his child and wearing his wedding ring). But they bought it. So we borrowed some awesome color schemes and design ideas, and came up with a Wes and Lyndsay version. Oh, and mad props to Wes on the front yard and his cactus vision. Here's to having a husband that shares the same aesthetic as I do!

**A note about the dining room: We kept the original flocked wallpaper.
It is the background for my blog banner up top.

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Nichole said...

Totally diggin' the pad.
You guys did an incredible job!!

We have that same tall rectangular crinkly lamp. I'm glad to know that we own at least one thing worthy enough for your super cool stylish home!

KatieJ said...

Your house is awesome! I love it! (I don't normally stay up this late! I fell asleep on the couch, and came to shut down my computer before making it to bed but got stuck checking your blog) :)