SIBO update

I'll keep this short and sweet. I am breastfeeding my baby, so I am still not taking any antibiotics. Hormone fluctuations have caused some minor relapses that I have been treating with Motilium (Domperidone) and Iberogast. I have a new gastroenterologist, Richard Craig at the Red Stone Clinic in Park City, UT. He's fantastic. For now he has me treating motility with Motilium as needed. We have more options when I am ready to see him again.

I am also seeing Ron Dummar, at Community Health and Wellness, in Heber City, UT. He is also fantastic. He does some acupuncture, and has prescribed Chinese herbs that are safe while breastfeeding called "GI Calm." I take them in the morning. He has me introducing L Glutamine, probiotics, and Black Walnut (are you ready for this??) via enema. That's right. But just gentle enemas, no more than 2 cups of liquid 3 times a week. Then he will start methylation treatments to reset my "biome" and hopefully lessen my food triggers.

I like this two-prong approach. I feel like it is the most holistic thing I can be doing for myself right now. It's super hard to take care of myself when I am also mothering three children and losing sleep with a baby (who is undeniably amazing, but we are all still tired). So I wish I could be doing more, like regular yoga and relaxation or meditation. I did this in preparation for natural childbirth, and I feel like it had a wonderful positive effect. (For more info on my birth story, click HERE). Email me if you have any health questions!

Here's to better health,

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