Reading the Classics: A guest post with Grace Snarr

When I am not writing, I am often designing (in between mothering). I had the pleasure of designing a lovely blog called The Whitewash Chronicles by Grace Snarr. I loved her series on reading the classics, and asked if I could re-post some of her thoughts. She agreed! Enjoy:

The Classics

These are the days where a book is permanently glued to my hands, and not to mention my eyes. In this second edition to the Classics series, I'm going to show you the steps of how to truly read a classic! Let's get thinking!

A very wise man once said "you haven't had a true education until you've read a thousand books". WOWZA! What a statement, huh?! Imagine how amazing the world would be if we read one thousand classics! If you truly want that wonderful education for you, and your family, you can start by reading! Here's some pointers to start....

1) Have a purpose and a question.
Why did you pick to read this book? When we set a goal, our goal is to accomplish it, right? It's the same with books! We need to always have a purpose and a mindset of learning to fully immerse ourselves in a book.

2) Take Notes!
Like I always say.. "a book should be your workbook". NEVER read a book without taking notes or simply jotting down your thoughts. Writing is the faucet that turns thoughts ON!

3) Make connections to other Classics
How does Tom Sawyer connect to The Hunger Games? Or As A Man Thinketh to the Bible? When we make connections, we form a sort of nice relationship that can open our eyes to different ideas. Truth is found everywhere, so definitely look and compare it in different books.

4) Ask Questions
Why did the author say it this way? How can this apply to my life? When does the character change? 
Question will always bring about answers. If you feel a craving to learn, ask! It is amazing the perspective we bring when we just ask.

5) Discuss what you’ve read
Does your spouse, mom, or sibling like to read? What about your best friend? Find someone who shares this interest, or is even new to reading like crazy, and discuss! Share what YOU thought was important, and listen to their thoughts, as well. You never know, someone might have taken one sentence completely different than you had. It's all about perspective! 

I hope you have enjoyed this little segment of this series! If you crave a renewed imagination... Read! If you seek deep truths... Read! Leave comments below on what YOUR favorite book is, and many others you wish to read! 

Have a fabulous fall... And as always,

Thanks so much for joining us, Gracie! We look forward to more in your series.

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