Be a part of Mindy Gledhill's new album!

Wes has had the great opportunity to spend time in Nashville this month with the uber talented Mindy Gledhill. Mindy is recording a new album and Wes has been in the studio with her, documenting the project and jumpstarting her PledgeMusic campaign. Mindy has some AMAZING offers for anyone who pledges to the making of her new album. For example, I get to attend a private Listening Party before the album launches!

I admit I've had a sneak peak into the new music courtesy of Wes and his unedited footage. It's fresh, hummable goodness in true Mindy style! I can't wait to hear the final versions. Sheer delight, to be sure.

I helped create some buttons for Mindy so that you can show the love when you donate! You can grab them below to post on Facebook or Instagram. Or head over Mindy's blog to place a button in your own blog's sidebar.

To view all of the videos from Mindy's time in the studio, visit her blog HERE.

And to donate to the album, visit her PlegeMusic site HERE.

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Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Great buttons! You are so talented! Stop that.

Marilyn said...

Lyndsay! This means I will finally get to meet you in person because I will be at that same listening party! Now I'm doubly excited :)