Happy Helpers

I was going crazy today as I looked around my house in utter despair. Despite my best efforts, it pretty much looked like the zombie apocalypse had happened in my home. My kids love to trash the joint. Especially if I am on my computer working, designing, blogging. (Are they trying to send me a message?? Nah....) So Sarah, my partner in crime over at The Blog Guidebook, sent me some great ideas for motivational tactics from the blogosphere. Of course I wanted to create my own version (specifically something purple to tempt Maya). I came up with these Happy Tickets and Chore Cards based on other fun designs out there on Pinterest. I told my kiddos that if they are "happy helpers," they get a ticket. After 5 tickets, they get a treat. Same idea with the Chore Cards. After 10 punches, they get a prize (probably another treat, since chocolate-dipped ice cream cones go a long way around here). Need a little motivation for your kids? Download the PDF pack HERE. (I am including orange, blue, purple, and pink versions). You can print them out and write your child's name on the Chore Card. I taped a Happy Ticket to the outside of 2 envelopes to provide visual motivation, and hung them on the fridge to collect my happy helpers' tickets.  (Don't mind my trimming in these photos. I was in a rush to get the ball rolling on this one!)

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ashleyrussell said...

Thank you for making these available to the blogging world! I like you am excited to try your system out!