Saying Goodbye to Grandpa Earl

When the seemingly sudden hand of death sweeps in,
the world gets busy in new ways—
heavy and pressing.
But there are moments when,
like a parachute,
it lifts and falls.
And we catch a breath in the stillness
where the light slants in,
touching the edges—
softening them.
And life moves you easily on and on.


Wes's Grandpa Earl died this week. He was endlessly loving and generous. He always said I looked like Patsy Cline. Haha. :) Earl loved our little family and we loved him. Wes talked to his Grandpa Earl the night before he passed away. He was still out and about, working hard at his business that day. It seems he had a little lie down on the couch later that night, and never woke up. That's the way to go, I tell ya—a nap on the couch. We're headed to Mesa this week for the services. It will be nice to see family and talk about all the great things Earl accomplished in his life (and there were many). We will miss you Grandpa Earl!

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Christy said...

I'm so sorry for your and Wes's loss Lyndsay! xoxo

embot said...

That photo is the best! kinda makes me teary.