Rescue Song

It's no secret that I love Winter here in Utah. Positively love it. But I've been reading a lot of comments out there in the interwebs of electronic humanity. Something of needing the revival of Spring. A readiness to leave February behind in a happy farewell. I'll say it. I'm not ready. I am not ready for the iced over earth to emerge into newness, and all that happy splendor. I love Spring. I really do! I love every season, in her own way. But I've felt well-preserved in Winter. She's been my secret friend these bright and cold months in a new place. I am happy to stay in her arms laced with fresh snow and the hush of an icy morning just a little longer. I don't feel I need to be rescued from the bite of Winter. She's whispered her sweetness to me. A sweetness I don't feel in the spring. A secret drawing out of my soul. No, I don't need to be rescued from Winter. Winter has rescued me.

If you are needing a little pick-me-up while waiting for warmer days, check out Mr. Little Jeans for some tunes. They'll put a spring in your step to be sure!

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Senja said...

i also love winter, but now i am ready for spring :)

that song is so pretty! just put it on my playlist.

xo senja

Christy said...

So lovely, you ALMOST make me not want spring here now. Almost. :)