A bit of magic

We live in Heber City, UT. Heber has all the charm of a small town, all the perks of having world-class cities close by, and all the beauty you could imagine. Today I had the pleasure of seeing the mail come. I always assumed it was a regular mail truck that stopped at the end of the street every day around 3pm to load up the government-issued taupe mail boxes (you know, the ones that need keys to open). But nooooo. Today a tiny white car that looked like a cross between a Gremlin and a Traker pulled up. The driver was on the right hand side, and a spunky little person popped out to fill up the box. I went inside and proceeded to blog about it. As soon as I had opened my laptop, this spunky little person was ringing my doorbell with a package. She kinda looked like me (same age, same hair cut, same skinny jeans in boots). We both looked at each other and had a little chuckle. I am a sucker for any "around town" happenings that could be out of a children's book. In Burbank, the mail man would walk door-to-door and drop the mail through a slot. It landed on our floor with fluttering crash, and would scare our guests every time. But I thought it was charming.

One of the many things I love about Heber is that the weather changes daily (and often multiple times within the day). It's cold and rainy here today. The mountains have changed from red to rust and gold. One of my very favorite things in all the world is when the clouds spill over the mountains. It used to happen in El Paso (where I grew up with a mountain out our back window), and I would gaze up thinking I could almost touch them. Here in Heber they spill over those mountains ablaze from fall, hiding the tops, and then settle like a skirt at the base. It's magical.

Last night I was feeling a little "off." I opened a book on the shelf called Lectures on Faith. Here is what I just happened to turned to:

"In a world filled with uncertain outcomes and merely provisional commitments, only being true to covenants, only keeping faith, can lift the soul beyond the reach of doubt and worry and lead it to the source of perfect confidence which is God. Before us all lies a journey that began at our birth and will go on till our death. We live in the time between and act each day as best we can. Some days bring gladness; others force upon us heavy burdens. At times we may question how our path can lead to happiness or if our faith has reached its limit. We know that strength is gained in struggles; we wonder if we can survive on our own. But so long as we seek to do good, so long as we choose the right, deep within us our faith is working, and our hope still lives. Let us believe this. Let us then continue to act as duty bids. As we do, our faith will be sufficient, and our happiness will be assured." —Dennis F. Rasmussen

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Nat and Holly said...

I love this quote! I needed to read this tonight :) Thank you!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

A timely quote Lynds.

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Beautiful scenery! Love your new profile pic on the blog!
Next time we see each other we need a new pic for the BGB. Maybe we can "merge" our pics to look like we're in the same room! Ha ha!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing that quote; I needed to hear that lately and was helpful for me!

Alarie said...

I found you! hope you're having a fabulous time in Utah. Nothing like the changing leaves, huh? Something we can both enjoy now that we're away from sunny Burbank!

Shannon said...

wow this is amazing! New follower....stubbled on our blog love it! :)

KatieJ said...

Great quote and amazing photos! My grandparents had a cabin near Heber when I was growing up, I loved it there!!!