Walls, adorned

Despite demanding little ones, absentee husbands, and persistent colds, some part of me still asks to be a graphic designer. And I am definitely dedicated to adorning walls with beautiful things. So I stocked my shop. It includes lots of cheery and colorful new designs, some additions you might recognize, and it now even boasts a few prints perfect for Valentine's Day. So if your walls are begging for a little love, click on over and check out my shop, Sprig and Sprocket, for fresh and fun designs:

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Jamie Lamb said...

Those are just so pretty! I especially like the stripey letters--so charming and clean all at once. :)

and I know how you feel about the need to create...my kids are teething/sick, my husband works a ton, and I miss painting soooo much today! Sigh...

way to go getting some art out of your system! :)