State of the Union

Wes just got back from a week away on an IMAX shoot:

Normally a week without Wes isn't so bad, but this week was rough. The kids were really sick, and I have just started in on the first sniffles of what will become my illness, as well. But hopefully things are on the path to normal again. While I'm getting caught up, here are some shots (Instagram-style) from our rather uneventful week. I challenge you to create Neverland in your dining room. Super fun!
working through this pile o' books

bribing Maya to eat

ordered a little love letter


little sneak last night when Dada was occupied with Finn and video games

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Christy said...

Love the photos. Hope you don't really get sick, and so glad he's finally home to help!

Ali said...

Mike is away this week and I have the sniffles as well. seems like the kids only get sick when he is away. Totally not fair! Oh and I NEED to borrow that stack of books.

Beth said...

LOVE that ring!!!

Mindy said...

beautiful ring. I would love more details. Your stack of books looks just like mine! Good luck.

Carly Michelle said...

Oh my darling ring! Where did you get it? I think I need one too...