That's what Finn was screaming all day long in anticipation on the day the Johnson cousins arrived. And the day did not disappoint! Those kids played like best friends all afternoon and evening. We finished up the visit with a little jak-o-lantern fun.

Check out Maya trying to escape 
(which she did repeatedly, and eventually successfully, resulting in an intervention and tears)

Aunt Kimmy. Always happy. Always patient. Even brought me gluten-and-dairy-free cupcakes!!! I loved them, but 5th grader Maggie thought they tasted like frosted bran muffins. HA!

Laney Bop

Maggie the taste tester.

This one went through more outfit changes in one day than I've seen her do since she was 3 months old! :) 

Lighting up the jack-o-lantern and calling it a night!

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Crystal Farish said...

so fun when cousins come to visit, huh. darling pictures.