A Surprise Baby Shower—Retro Picnic Style

I recently threw a surprise baby shower for a dear friend. And she was genuinely surprised. :) It was great. She loves retro, and is having a girl. And I have a very dominate color scheme in my modernist dining room—mostly red and green with these crazy leaf print curtains from Ikea. What to do? I decided to go with red, pink, and green and make it a Retro Picnic theme. Pennant bunting, cupcake wrapper garlands, picnic table cloth, lots of treats, and vintage root beer (which had to stay in the case lest my children filch them). Because Finn and Maya were present (and BOY were they present)  I don't remember much of anything past "Surprise!" But I think everyone had a great time—including Maya who ate no less than 6 cupcakes (well, the frosting, at least). Hooray for baby girls!

Where's Waldo
Can you find:
• Maya under a blanket?
• My crazy earthquake proofing methods?
• A Danish subway poster?
• A sewing basket doubling nicely as a picnic basket?

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April Kennedy said...

found them all! that was fun.

such a pretty baby shower too that was unique in color scheme. ♥

dandee said...

What a fun baby shower! I'm sure your friend felt special and loved.

p.s. really loving the red!

Christy said...

I love the decor and am so impressed you had a party with your kids there! I know, what choice do we have, right? But still - Bravo!

Senja said...

Such great decorations! :) I would have loved that as well :) Great job!

Crystal Farish said...

soooo cute. I love what you did with the cupcake papers!!!