The Princess and the Flirt

My mom made Miss Maya a new dress. It's so darling! On Sunday Maya wore it for the first time to church. All day, from the moment I put it on her, she kept repeating, "Prisess! Prisess!" while twirling. This surprised me. Maya is NOT a princess type. Mostly she wears pirate garb and yells, "Arrrggghhh." Case in point: I tried to get Maya to watch Sleeping Beauty tonight. NO GO. I mean, we were not even half way through, and she was giving me the look like, "if you don't put on Toy Story or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I am going to do that tantrum where I bang my head on the floor." Okaaaaay, no princesses, then! So much for Snow White waiting in the wing. The only one she loves is Rapunzel. And I think Mr. Flynn Rider might have something to do with that. She blows him kisses. Buzz Lightyear, too. And she has eyes for Peter Pan. She's kind of into Belle, but laughs at Gaston, and likes the beast even more. Especially at the end.... Hmmmm. This girl is a flirt.

Maya has to wear leggings under every dress. Because she likes to find someone (prefereably little boys, or big boys, or even Dads while we're walking the hallways during church—because there's no way she'll sit in a pew for an hour while everyone is reverent). And then she likes to show them how she can stand on her head and say, "Cheeeeeeese!" while her dress heads for her ears. She even sidled up to the repair man who came to fix Wes's windshield. She knows no boundaries. Dear Maya, please establish some boundaries before you are of dating age. Possibly sooner. And in the mean time, you keep wearing that "princess dress" like no other little girl I know. Sassafrass!

P.S. I'm sorry if I blinded you with my super pale legs. There's really nothing for them.

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Senja said...

so cute! :) And you should see MY legs - maybe not. You will need sunglasses..

Janette said...

such a cute post.

Bonjour! said...

,,,i'm diggin' maya's converse shoes, so cute on her!,,,