Bedtime Books

Here's what we read last night:

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy
by Mo Willems
Why we love it: 
All of Mo Willems' books are so fun. The kids make me read them in the "Pigeon Voice."
Pigeon is one of our favorites for interactive story time.
click to find it

Maya wanted me to read it for you, so here you go. Don't laugh at my Pigeon Voice. :)
(And pardon the low quality—I filmed it on my iPhone.)

Also by Mo Willems:

What are you going to read tonight?

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O'Loughlin Family said...

Ok - this is Nathan's FAVORITE author. We have many of those books pluse the stuffed pigeon you can get on Amazon.
Try out some of his "Piggie and Elephant" books. You will laugh your head off!
Some titles to look for are:
"Are You Ready to Play Outside?"
"You Are Invited To A Party"
"Elephant Broke His Trunk"
"I Will Suprise My Friend"
...just to name a few. Seriously so great and there are a bunch of them.
Let me know if you check them out :)

Angie said...

I love Mo Willems...I also LOVE, LOVE the Chester series by Melanie Watt and My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza.

Beth said...

If you've ever lived in NYC Knuffle Bunny is especially fantastic. Love it.

Crystal Farish said...

Two books my kids loved -- Peabody by Rosemary Wells, and Alistar's Elephant can't remember the author. I don't think they are in print any longer but you can buy used copies on Amazon. So worth it, they are hilarious books.

Honey said...
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Honey said...

This caught my eye! ;) When my daughter was in the 3rd grade, they were reading Mo's books! Her class was participating in a contest to name his new book. My daughter submitted a name - and a few months later she received a autographed book in the mail - with a letter from Disney, letting her know she was 1 of 100 students who submitted the name of Mo's new book; The Pigeon wants a Puppy. lol... I've got it put away for her; she wanted to take it to school to show it off! I would not let her! lol... She's now in the 7th grade. Cool memento for her!