Who's REALLY in charge here?

Wes and I woke up to Maya eating a full pack of gum in our bed this morning. At 6am. In her little footed ducky PJs. The wrappers were all over while she clutched a handful of sticks in her gooey palm. When we rolled over she said, "HIIIIII!!!!" and grinned with a blue mouthful of gum. Then she discovered she could unzip her "stuck" PJs and parade around in her diaper on a chilly morning. And if I tried to say anything about it, she took off at a breakneck pace giggling. All with her "sleepy princess hair" (as Wes calls it). She keeps asking for puckered-up kisses on the lips with her runny little nose. And is demanding kisses on her toes and scuffed knee every 5 minutes, as well. Currently, she's standing in the dining room windowsill banging on the window for all the passers-by to see. Gotta love this girl.

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Ali said...

Gavin has also taken to strutting his naked self all over the house--to matter what the tempature as well. He must have called Maya and told her what fun it is!

Crystal Farish said...

Oh how I miss those days. :) These are the times you remember the most. Savor them Lyndsay. You are doing the right thing letting go of work to savor this.