Changing Tides

The time has come for me to take a step back from blog design and client-focused graphic design. This has been a change that I have been implementing over the past year. But it's really time for it to come to a close. I will still continue to help Stephanie Nielson of NieNie Dialogues. And I will also be contributing on a part-time basis over at The Blog Guidebook (my other blog HERE). But in an attempt to simplify and allow for the natural change of things with home and family (and a soon-to-be AFI graduate, full-time Cinematographer husband—yay), I need to focus on as few client-based projects as possible. I have loved the intricate net of friendship and support that has knotted its way securely around me in the past four years as a blog designer. It's been a tough choice to let all of my beloved clients go!! Since it's impossible to suppress my creative tendencies completely, I am sure you will see some of my personal creative efforts come to the surface here and there. And on a business note, if I have ever designed for you, and you would like your files, please email me HERE. I am happy to supply you with all of the Illustrator and/or Photoshop files so that you can take those to a new designer, if needs be. Don't forget that The Blog Guidebook offers free blog listings, and TONS of blogger tips so that you can make your own blogs sing! Visit the buttons below to find listings for many talented and capable designers:

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

You are so talented and I am reminded of that every time I log on to my blog!! Cannot imagine ever changing it!! :-)

April Kennedy said...

Oh how I will miss you...but hope this will give you more time to blog. I miss you here too!

Cardigan Empire said...

Good for you Lyndsay. I know how hard this can be (I finally quit Anthropologie) but it will be worth it. Although your talent will be desperately missed.