Love Notes

I woke up to a love note on my bathroom mirror today. Wes is in the home stretch of graduate school at the American Film Institute (AFI). That equals a lot of long days for him on set, and a lot of long days for me at home. But there is an end in sight (at least until the next big project comes along...probably this summer). But it's nice to have a bit of him when I wake up, even if he has left hours before.

The other night I had a dream. I had just finished planting a very well-organized garden. (As as side note, I assure you that my green thumb is steadfastly brown, no matter my efforts. This year I've tried to outsmart it by planting succulents in pots. So far so good.) In the dream, I had planted the equivalent of square-foot gardening, but in little low-lying round pots, all on a grid. The plot was quite large, and I knew it would need lots of watering. But I was going to be away for awhile, and was really worried about my garden surviving. There was a man who lived nearby, but he had his own things to attend to. And I didn't want to ask him to worry about my garden, even though he was aware of my efforts. When I returned from my time away, I found my garden had not only survived, but had flourished!! Every pot was happily growing my carefully—and aesthetically—organized plants, all very green and lush. I have no idea what I planted. They ranged from small and dense little plants resembling ground cover, to tall ornamental grasses. But all were perfectly proportioned, watered, and trimmed. It was then that I had realized that the man, who I called the gardener at this point in my dream, had set up a drip system for my plants and cared for them while I was away. He had seen and appreciated my efforts, and didn't want them to die just because I was on temporary hiatus. He knew I would return to care for the garden. I was pleasantly surprised, happy, and grateful to him. That's where the dream ended—with me marveling at the perfection and beauty of the garden. The design was so perfect. It was just how a graphic designer would design her perfect green space. :)

It looked similar to this, but in beautiful glazed red pots. The grasses were taller, and it was in an open space with trees all around:

So of course I did what I always do when I have a dream I know has some significance. I speedily contacted sis-in-law Tiffany, who is very reliably wise when it comes to dreams, and has many resources to draw upon. Here was her response:

Here we have Lady Robinson's take:

"A dream of a garden in bloom is the absolute best and foretells spiritual satisfaction, domestic love, and financial security. What more is there!"

And then we have my other book by Klaus Vollmar. Klaus goes into it a little bit more:

"The garden is the place where our soul joins nature... a symbol of longing, fertility, and a rich love life. A place of harmony and relaxation... a place of protection. In ancient Egypt, the garden was always the symbol for woman."

To me, this is an indication of what a great gift your womanhood is, since all these foretold gifts revolve around your domestic abilities and spiritual abilities that are unique to being a woman. I would take it as a sign that your efforts to develop these gifts are not in vain, whether it be your [hobbies/talents], all the little things that you do for your children that you might think go unnoticed, and all the things you do to be a good wife. In other words, you are creating a beautiful garden where you may always go to find rest, protection, and relaxation. Even if this garden is an unseen one, it is there nonetheless.

I think there are some really great things in those interpretations. So what do I ultimately think the dream was? A love note.

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Courtney B said...

Aw sooooo SWEET!! Perfect timing :)

Mary said...

Just had to stop by to tell you how much I loved your post on My Favorite Things today. It was wonderful. So sweet. Made me tears up. I have a 2-year old and 4-year-old as well, and I can definitely relate to everything you said.

Tiffany M. said...

What a beautiful picture of a garden! Wish I could have been in your dream with you. Alas, my abilities do not extend that far... :)luv u lynn

MoMo 2.0 said...

On one of Mads' trips to Texas before I moved, he wrote me a message in the steam on the bathroom mirror... Then after he left, EVERY TIME it steamed, his message reappeared!!! I did not clean that mirror for a LOOOOONG time!