In the bag

I have a daily makeup routine. I pretty much do the whole shebang every day. Maybe not totally glammed up, but I put on foundation, blush, and do my eyes. And lipgloss keeps people from asking if I am "feeling under the weather." I like putting a shining face forward. And I am a makeup fanatic. I have a lot of makeup, consisting of a lot of eyeshadow. And don't get me started on nail polish... But I do have the basics in my bag for everyday in a hurry. Here are the TOP 10 "must-haves" in my makeup case right now:

1. Moisturizer: Coconut Oil. I have oily and blemish-prone skin. And the coconut oil actually reduces the oil in oily skin, and has no scent. Amazing, I know. But there's really nothing like it. No more blotting. No more shiny cheeks. Only a satiny glow! It was the find of a lifetime for me. A true "eureka" moment. * For more on coconut oil, read my post HERE.

2. Quick Fix: Benefit Erase Paste (bye-bye dark circles)

3. Face: bareMinerals Matte Makeup (I mix Light and Fairly Light for my perfect shade, as my foundation and concealer)

4. Cheecks: MAC Powder Blush in Springsheen (a shimmery pink-peach with golden undertones)

5. Curl, if you will: Tarte Eyelash Curler (best ever)

6. Line: Clinique Quickliner in Black/Brown (the darkest brown without going black)

7. Eyes: Lancome Eye Shadow Quad in Haute Sunset (my go-to standardized colors)

** Update! Lately I've added some new eye shadow to my routine. I love MAC's Paint Pots. I use my fingers to sweep Bare Study on my brow bone and inside corner, then Reubenesque on the lid, and a tiny bit of Constructivist in the corner (dab and smudge into eye liner). Find them HERE.
Mac Paint Pot

8. Lashes: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara in black (warm-water removal, coats each lash, won't smudge or bleed)

9. Lips: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (a fave since high school!) & Clinique Long Last Glossware in Bonfire (hot hot hot)

10. Nails: My go-to coral red=Revlon's Love That Red (I stare lovingly at my nails when I wear it)

To feed my beauty supply appetite, I love BirchBox. I've posted about them before. My savvy sis-in-law, Katia (far right), started the business last year with some great girls, and it has just exploded. Find out how you can get in on the oodles of goodies that come to your doorstep each month, HERE.

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Unknown said...

Where did you get the coconut oil?

Unknown said...

I buy the coconut oil at Fresh & Easy. If you don't have those stores near you, it can be found at any healthfood store (Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.). It's about $6 and has so many uses (from cooking to beauty).

Beth said...

Ha. I was just gonna ask the same thing about the coconut oil. And I was just at Fresh & Easy today! I love benefit products for under eyes as well. Their powderflage is one of my all time faves since having kids. That erase paste looks nice, too. I have a gift card to sephora so this gives me some ideas. I, too, love make-up!

burtons*north said...

dude, we wear the same blush. yah!

embot said...

love all the goods! remember when you were doing my make up for the oscar party and i started putting on the foundation with my fingers??? you were like, "ahhh! no! use this!" holding up the triangle spongy thing.

Unknown said...

I also love MAC's makeup brush for liquid foundation. It's amazin.

Hillary Glaser said...

Really, coconut oil? I think I may have to try that! My skin is also prone to oil (I thought it was due to being in the Middle East with the heat). Is it a moisturizer WITH coconut oil or pure coconut oil? Where do you find it?

Sarah said...

thanks for the good makeup tips!
really want to join birchbox.
i mix my bare minerals foundation too.

Kendra said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I am one who gets panic attacks and has anxiety about make up counters in department stores and places like Ulta & Sephora. From the moment they say hi to me & can I help you out?

I feel so self conscious at the counter because the people helping me out have such perfect makeup. I try to be as natural as possible and I always feel dressed down and out of place.

Anyways, your post gave me ideas. I went to the MAC counter today and had about the rudest coldest sales girl help me find the Springsheen.

I also went to the Dillard's Clinique counter. They are having Bonus Time there! However I bought the wrong eyeliner, so I'll have to go and exchange it- ugh, more anxiety!

Seriously, your beauty posts are so helpful to me. I've been a pixie since December of 2009. This summer, I tried to grow it out, but grew frustrated with the mullet it was becoming and pixie-ed it off yesterday. Made my husband's day.