Coconut Oil

I've had quite a few questions and emails about the coconut oil. I buy Spectrum Naturals Unrefined Coconut Oil from Fresh & Easy (my grocery store down the road). But you can get it at any health food store, or buy it online. It's about $7 for unrefined, and I always buy one jar for cooking and one jar for beauty. Ha! I transfer the oil to small screw-top jars to keep in my bathroom so it looks a little nicer, and it's easier to travel with it that way. I use the straight-up oil. It's not added to a moisturizer. It has a solid texture until melted or heated. In the summer it starts to melt in my cabinet a bit, making it easier to apply. I know it sounds CRAZY for oily, blemish-prone skin. That's what I thought at first, too! And I put off using face oil for a long time. But one night I was doing some late night online research and decided to just give it a try. Boy am I glad I did! Here are a few FAQ's:

• Does it matter if I use refined or unrefined? 
No, Not really. Unless you are a stickler about those things. I use unrefined because that's what's at the store. The unrefined has no smell, whereas the refined does smell and taste like cocout. It is pricier, as well. Some sites will tell you that refined is for skin and beauty. But I found many sites that said there is no beneficial difference. I am extremely happy with the unrefined coconut oil.

• How in the world can you put OIL on your face when it's oily?
Unlike olive or baby oil, coconut oil is very light and relatively greaseless (unless you take a huge dollop and smear it on, of course). I use a pea sized amount warmed up in my hands first. Then I rub it in starting on the outer edges of my face. I use VERY LITTLE. Blotting it on can help you to not use to much. It leaves me with an amazing, soft velvety finish. I have a healthy sheen, but no shine all day. It might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily or blemished complexion, but it's actually the most effective solution. Your skin is smart—it knows whether it's sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry, and less when it's balanced. I've noticed that even I use drying skin-clearing products, and oil-free or gel moisturizers, my skin produces MORE oil. That leaves me with shiny cheeks. I don't get a shiny face anymore using oil. 

• Is coconut oil good for blemishes and acne?
Yes. Sure I still get the occasional breakout at certain times of the month (ahem). But that seems hormonal, and unrelated to the coconut oil. If anything, the coconut oil has helped clear up my skin, and helps blemishes disappear faster. Most sites promote using refined coconut oil for this. Here are some articles on that topic:

• Are there other benefits to using coconut oil?
Coconut oil is awesome for lots of things. I use it in the kitchen. But I also like to use it as an all-over moisturizer. It's great for a belly cream on growing pregnant tummies. And it can be used as a cream when nursing, as well. It has many other health benefits. To find out more uses and benefits of coconut oil, see these sites:

• If you are looking for other face oils in the beauty circut, try Dr. Hauschka products. They are AMAZING (albeit a little pricey). Find them HERE.

Do you use coconut oil for anything? Let me know!

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Kayla Moncur said...

I started using coconut oil on my face a couple weeks ago and LOVE it. Amazon has a bunch of different options as well (I hadn't thought to check F&E).


Lee said...

Thanks for this and your email. Also I just got a membership to birchbox! I'm super excited to try it out! Thanks again Lyndsay!

thirtynothing said...

I am intrigued! Thanks for the informative and spot on FAQs. Every time I thought to myself "but what about" there was the next question answering me. :)

Kiera said...

We started using Coconut Oil on Noah when we he was born... it has become the miracle go to in our home... Weather touching up a pretty fro or giving a beautiful chocolate sheen Coconut oil is just the stuff... LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Tiffany M. said...

Happy coconut story:
I had a terrible rash on the backs of my knees. It itched and I had no idea what it was. I applied coconut oil before bed to it a couple of nights, and it vanished! Happy knees!

Shorty said...

I am so excited to read about this! I'm a shine freak, and not by choice. Every day I have to blot, and if a picture is taken I'm always the one causing a reflection to occur from my forehead. yuck! I'm definitely going to give this a try. And for $7, that's more affordable for my oil of olay stuff!
Thanks so much!

Ish said...

Hi Lyndsay,

I always thought unrefined is better than refined. Or is that just for cooking? I'm planning on following your regimen but not sure if I can do so using my brand. I'm getting my coconut oil from (http://products.mercola.com/coconut-oil/)


Coconut oil acne said...

I had acne in my face, i tried many treatments but no one helped me til i read about coconut oil and his effective to treat acne, now i don't have to be worry anymore about my acne :)

Thank you