"Janie and the Monkey" by Finn Gaven Johnson, age 4

Janie lives on a mountain and rides a train. She doesn't have a house, so some people are building her a house. She lives on Nabee Hill Mountain. She didn't have a house because she was riding the train for many times. When the train stopped, she got a new house. Down-hill lives a monkey. His house has a sign that says "Monkey's Home." He's a mean monkey. He is bad because he's a taking monkey. He climbs the hill with his hands, on the grass. But they grabbed the monkey and rolled him back down the hill. Then he bonks hisself and gets really mad. But he would be happy if he got a cookie. But at Janie's house they don't have a cookie. So they have to make some with powdered sugar. They walk down the hill, go to the monkey on the grass, and hold out a cookie. The monkey is mad and says, "I don't want a cookie." So they say, "Will you please have a cookie?" And he says "NO! I'll take your cookie and throw it really far away and you'll never get it back." He took the cookie and ran away. They came back again and gave him a whole huge cookie. Then the monkey got happy. They gave him the big giant cookie so the monkey can be happy. They said, "Monkey, can you come to our home?" And he said, "Yes!" And they lived happily after after.

Guess what came next? The big giant T-Rex-Tyrannor-Monkey!  
The sequel? Maybe...or is it "Nabee?"

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Beth said...

This is adorable, and so funny b/c we just wrote a book with Tyler and Audrey this week. Tyler's book is called American Tank Engine. And Audrey's is The Beautiful Princess. Adam typed up the stories they told him, then used clip art online, stapled it all together and made a book. So cool. We read it before bed. I love hearing these stories from these little ones. Go Finn.

Crystal Farish said...

Soooo cute!! I have to send you a copy of the story Claire wrote when she was about that age about a little rabbit. It's so great that you are writing down the stories they tell you. There is a woman in my ward who did that with her kids and she also had them illustrate the stories. Then she had them bound into a book. Her kids carry those with them to church every week. They are sooo proud of those books. :) I wish I would have done more of that.

Utah Baby Blog said...

i found your blog via one of our followers. i love your work! we'd love to do a feature and perhaps a giveaway on our blog, if you might be interested!



Jen Herem
Utah Baby Blog