Pure randomness.

I'm still quite sicky. Over the worst of it, but still in bed feeling sucker punched. I am literally saying fervent prayers that my little bambinos sleeping in the other room are spared this illness. It's been miserable. So while I am hanging out in bed, I've got my computer, iPhone, and TV. So here's what I came up with:

I have a MAJOR laundry issue. It's a real problem. Part of the problem? Too many laundry baskets. Thanks to a friend's advice, I am implementing ONE basket for the whole family. One stop. Pre-sorted.  Save my sanity. Will it work? It had better! I'll keep you posted:

I headed off to church last Sunday in the rain. (My hair is so long. Ha! I'm getting a trim next week to keep me from getting too shaggy. It happens fast, believe me!) I am sporting accessories from Creairtive. Senja is one of the sweetest and most genuine blogging friends I've made. I am so lucky to have a few great blogging friends like that in my arsenal. They lift me up. Visit her blog HERE. Her Etsy shop is on vacation, but stop by again soon. It's well worth it.

And in other news, Maya has a new bike helmet. She's playing it safe. I'm thinking about making her wear it all the time (that's how crazy she is). Maya's shirt says, "It's nice to be nice." How sweet is that?

Off to watch some American Idol. Fun Fact: Did you know that I got real TV again for the first time in 3 years, just LAST WEEK? That's right! I've been using Apple TV exclusively until a few days ago. Finn doesn't know what to do when a commercial comes on. He thinks the show is over. HA!

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Christina said...

The mom just shouldn't be allowed to get sick. Period. And I like your one stop-laundry basket solution. Please share how it works out!

Senja said...

Thanks so much sweet Lyndsay :) So glad that we became friends as well. Hope you feel better soon!

XO Senja

monique said...

I hope you feel better soon! Our hair must be on the same growing schedule, becuase mine is super shaggy too. Let me know how the one laundry basket works, I may do the same thing at our house. Take care!