Wrapping up Supermom Series 3 with Catherine's Resolutions!

I want to thank all of the Supermoms from this series!! I loved the range of women, and reading all of their resolutions. I'm wrapping things up with on of my favorite bloggers, a single mom and author, Catherine, of WonderBookPress:
Her posts often crack me up (see HERE), and her sense of humor and timing didn't fail to make their way into my three questions:
What is one thing you plan to do, in 2011 to:
• Be a better mom
• Be a better wife
• Be a better self

Catherine and darling daughter Claire

The one thing I plan to do in 2011 to be a better mum?
One word.  Electronics. 

I need to impose stricter guidelines on Claire's time with those crazy computer video games.  Poptropica has become a mini major obsession with her. I can tell she is in a trance when her eyes glaze over and she mumbles things like 'in a minute...or...sure thing mum..." She's better than most 12 year old boys (and she's only 7).  I think it has to do with the fact that I teach piano every day for 3 hours and can't really intervene with a game of weather bingo.

But, that is my one thing I plan to do. 2 hour limit on the computer per day. Period. No if's ands or but's (even if she does negotiate like a clever defense attorney from Texas).

How to be a better wife in 2011?
I like to pretend I'm married to Javier Bardem. He really loves it when I cuddle him and tell him he's hot in Spanish. I'm going to do more of that.

(I've included a photo of us on our last vacation...he surprised me with a trip to Bali....he's so funny.)

And of course....how to be a better self in 2011?
Try to minimize my time in fantasy...

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Catherine P. said...

Thank you Lyndsay!!! I feel like a super Mum celebrity :)

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I like this! I like this whole blog, the design is beautiful.

~ Jill