Supermom Series 3: Making Resolutions with Molly

Welcome to Molly from My Favorite Things! Have you discovered My Favorite Things yet? If not, skip on over for a new delight once you're done reading Molly's answers. She has such a fun, fresh take on things! And I am excited that she is with us today to answer my Supermom questions:
What is one thing you plan to do in 2011 to:
• Be a better mom
• Be a better wife
• Be a better self 

TO BE A BETTER MOM: I started off 2010 as a mom of two boys. At the end of 2010, I became a mom to three. 2011 will be my first full year to mother three rambunctious, crazy wild and often tender little guys. Sometimes I have to catch my breath when I realize the awesome responsibility that is mine. Most nights I go to sleep with the resolve to do better. Be better. To speak kinder. To take more time. Summon more patience. Give more love. Most of the time I feel inadequate. I want to be everything they need me to be. I want them to feel in their soul that I love them from the deepest most sacred part of me. And so it is the little things I will focus on this year. Ten more minutes of light saber battles. A few more minutes of snuggling before bedtime. One more book. Five more minutes of playing tag or tossing the football. I want them to know they come first. Before laundry. Before my blog. Before making the bed. They are woven into the very essence of who I am. And I want them to feel that.

TO BE A BETTER WIFE: To love deeper. To adore. To admire. To support. We have been married for 8.5 years. I know my husband "knows" I love him. But I want my man to feel it. To feel it in the way I look at him, even in the midst of chaos. To feel it in the way I don't complain if he is 20 minutes late. To feel it in the way I dress just for him. To feel it in my gaze. My hugs and my kisses. I want him to know we can weather any storm together. Tackle any obstacle. And enjoy the sunshine after the rain. My goal this year as a wife is to love my husband unconditionally. Truly. I promise to bite my tongue. To criticize less. The little things make me blow up and I refuse to let that define me. My husband is a rockstar and should be treated accordingly.

TO BE A BETTER SELF: Be Molly. Sounds funny, yes? I want to be comfortable in my skin. Not compare. Not judge. But look in the mirror and honestly be happy with being me. Embrace the fact that I am a bit OCD when it comes to organization. To admit that I love Harry Potter. Have an addiction to hot chocolate. And be okay that I let my middle son eat waffles for every meal. I refuse to shop at Walmart and I have a love affair with Target. I might have a slight obsession with eyebrows and an over abundance of latte bowls. I hate clutter. I've been known to take a bubble bath in the middle of the day and eat a charms heart lolly pop for my treat at night. I love sweets and have a hard time eating my greens. And that is why I am also making it a point to take my vitamins this year too.

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Christy said...

I loved reading this so very much! What fabulous goals and a lovely wring style! I have to go visit her blognow!

Leslie said...

great, realistic, and totally wonderful goals and list. thanks for sharing, molly!

jeanine said...

Oh I just loved this and can totally relate! (I have three little boys of my own and a fourth on the way!)

The Teacher's Wife said...

Love this.
Thanks for the insight.

dandee said...

I really like your list, Molly. Sometimes, just making little changes can make a huge impact on our lives. Best wishes on achieving all you've set out to do! :)

Rose Goddess said...

You are so adorable and cool Molly! I had a big smile on my face while reading your post!

kate tucker said...

I love the fresh honesty, Molly. Thanks for sharing!