Movies for a Lovely Day

True, I'm not that into Valentines Day, but I do love a good love story!
Here are my picks for a good flick to watch with your honey, or on your own:


Be still my heart:

Rip your heart out:


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April Kennedy said...

I love sliding doors. It been forever since I've seen that movie. I might have to watch it with Dave soon. Thanks for the sweetheart reminder!

Tiffany M. said...

Fabulous selections!
Remember when we tried to watch Great Expectations but didn't get through it? Well, I'm still waiting to watch it with you...:)

KatieJ said...

Thanks for the reccommendations! I love all of those that I've seen and I'm excited because there are a few I haven't seen yet! Have you watched "Bride and Predjudice"? (Bollywood Pride and Predjudice) My mom talked me into watching it and it was really sweet!

christina said...

I love this list!!

And I LOVED The Young Victoria. Man that Prince Albert was so darn cute I almost didn't realize he was the same actor who played the scumbag from Pride and Prejudice.



Crystal Farish said...

We so love the same movies! Have you ever watched Random Harvest, Jean de Fleurette and Mannon of the Spring?? If not, you need to. Sooo good! Don't rely on my spelling though to hunt for the titles -- I just massacred the French language. :)