Ode to January, which is entirely not wintery enough for me at the moment...

    "Winter Beach" (source)

Winter, oh winter, where did you go?
We've balmy bright days instead of the snow.
In South California, no snowballs to throw,
Just t-shirts up top, and shorts down below.

Winter, dear winter, you've forgotten to call!
You breezed right on by in no time at all.
The leaves on the trees were just starting to fall,
Now flowering blooms are appearing—the gall!

Winter, please winter. Don't go just yet...
I long for the chilly, the rainy, the wet.
My sweaters and woolens were lined up—all set!
But now those warm clothes are just causing a sweat.

Winter, white winter, I'm waving goodbye.
The fun frosty glimmer is leaving my eye.
There's talk of the beach, and kites in the sky.
So I'm filing you away for seasons gone by.

(the poem is my own, please cite if you borrow) 

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Ali said...

We've got plenty of snow here that is for sure. 24 inches fell last Wednesday, 6 more inches well this past Tuesday with a nice layer of freezing rain on top and another 7 inches yesterday. Plus the weatherman is calling for another foot on Tuesday. If I could, I would ship you enough snow to fill your yard for the kids to play in.
Sounds like Finn had a great birthday. I'm still trying to decided what to do for Luke.

christina said...

you're crazy! i hate winter!

(but i love your poem.)


Unknown said...

If we didn't launch into endlessly hot temps all spring, summer, and fall long, I'd be happy to spend the winter in my sandals. :) I just like 4 seasons. And being a former resident of Rochester, NY, I'm not disillusioned. I just can't believe how warm it is here in January!!

Beth said...

As an east coast I always find this time of year depressing over there. The holiday let-down, and the cold weather/snow/rain. Sunshine definitely helps with the post-holiday blues. At least for me. But I agree... some more cold days here and there would be nice, too.