If you paid close attention to my birthday post, I mentioned Birchbox. I thought I'd elaborate a little on such a big idea. My very smart, beautiful, and savvy sister-in-law, Katia, started a business last year as she was finishing up her MBA at Harvard (I said she was smart...). The idea was to offer a subscription-based program for beauty samples. Each month you would receive a happy little box with high-end samples of beauty products from top brands. You could try them out, then come back to order full sized products at a discount. Katia and her co-founder, Hayley, made that idea a reality, and launched Birchbox. 
For for Christmas my parents gifted me a year's subscription to Birchbox. I have already received two months of Birchbox, and it's such a fun surprise to find a hot pink box on your door step! It's $10/month, or $110/year. Plus there are benefits like member points and product discounts. One commenter asked in my last post if it's worth it, and I have to tell you YES, totally. You can also find beauty tips, tricks, and how-tos. Here's a video telling more:

This was NOT a sponsored post. I just love Birchbox and those Smarty Pants. :)

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Beth said...

I signed up yesterday! Didn't even know it was your SIL. I signed up for month to month to see if I liked it. Very cool idea. Thanks for elaborating.

thirtynothing said...

How cool is that! I've always loved being able to get 3 free samples along with my online Sephora purchases for this same reason. Now they've gone and made it even smarter, and cut out the requirement to buy something. That sister is one smart cookie.

Cheryl said...

I LOVE Birchbox! I signed up last year after hearing about it on Twitter. I usually forget that it's coming so it's a nice little surprise at the beginning of each month. Such a great idea!