Wes's Handmade Gift

I wore this sexy number to pick Wes up from the airport last night. I'm sure it was everything he'd been hoping for after being away all week:
(Photo courtesy of Finn...how awesome is that? I told him to get my body, which apparently means no head!)

But then I gifted Wes his Christmas present a little early, and all was forgiven. He has two geographic and geologic loves. Here they are, at 11x14:
Inspired shamelessly by the Heads of State Posters and my own Oceanic Alphabet Poster. Since I made this for a one-time gift and would never sell the design, I didn't feel it was a problem to be inspired so closely by the Heads of State print.

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Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Now this would make some really cute cards or postcards for you guys.

Or! You could do states or countries or something posters...I'd buy some states from ya!

Nice pjs.

christina said...

Lyndsay, those are fantastic!!!


April Kennedy said...

You are so amazingly talented. I sit in awe when I look at your work! And, I think you look totally cute in your pj's. Sometimes cute wins over sexy!!

Delightful Domestic Science said...

What man wouldn't dig flannel?! Love the pictures - fire and ice.

Crystal Farish said...

Love the posters! What an awesome gift! Let me know if you do one for Singapore! Then I will have to order them all and frame them for Eden :)

I'm dying to hear how the filming is going!!!