Red Productions Christmas Card

Every year the production company my brother works for puts out a video short as their Christmas Card. And they're pretty stinkin' funny. I've had a few requests as to whether or not there will be a new one this year, and I am here to tell you, YES. Here it is (if you want to watch years past to get the inside references, watch the videos below...my brother is "Greg"): click the 4-arrows graphic to enlarge

2008 Holiday Video:

2009 Holiday Video:

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{april kennedy} said...

Oh you just made my family's christmas complete!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to share with my kids tomorrow. They love their Christmas videos!!

Merry Christmas.

Lybi said...

I watched all three videos. This is such a funny group! I bet your brother has a blast working with them. I especially laughed when your brother was talking to the dog. Kind of "hit or miss" eh? Cute.