Red Productions Christmas Card

Every year the production company my brother works for puts out a video short as their Christmas Card. And they're pretty stinkin' funny. I've had a few requests as to whether or not there will be a new one this year, and I am here to tell you, YES. Here it is (if you want to watch years past to get the inside references, watch the videos below...my brother is "Greg"): click the 4-arrows graphic to enlarge

2008 Holiday Video:

2009 Holiday Video:

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April Kennedy said...

Oh you just made my family's christmas complete!! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to share with my kids tomorrow. They love their Christmas videos!!

Merry Christmas.

Lybi said...

I watched all three videos. This is such a funny group! I bet your brother has a blast working with them. I especially laughed when your brother was talking to the dog. Kind of "hit or miss" eh? Cute.