Feelin' Groovy

Don't you just want to be happy? I seriously do. And I am not always happy. Sometimes I'm frustrated with the kids, or I hate the state of my house, or I think I'm looking a little lumpy in my jeans (yes, even little me...isn't that annoying how we do that to ourselves?). Whatever it is, every single woman has those days, and sometimes often. Here are three things that happened to show up under my nose as I was having some of these feelings lately. And I thought, "I have to share these, because every woman needs to have a 'Happy Arsenal.'" So check these out for a little boost:

The Blog:
"Serendipity Factor"
The Book:

(which is actually a printed and bound version of a beautiful talk found HERE)

The Body:

Cardigan Empire's fantastic post on body image.

Come back tomorrow! A cheery little poster will be for sale. Weeee! :)

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