Be. Do.

There are a few things I would like to be able to do. So I started a list. I am not going to try to DO all of these things, which is why I won't call it a Bucket List. But I can work on a few.

So here's my Bullet List:
• sing...really well
• play the piano (and not just the Jurassic Park theme song)
• pop and lock
• french braid
• create pastry dough that is authentic and flaky
• ride horses (again—I rode English back in the day, and I wasn't too shabby)
• sew small and adorable clothing for my wee ones
• not be nervous to speak in public (I am not going to work on this one...because it makes me too nervous)
• cultivate my green thumb (which is currently brown-ish)

What's on your bullet list?

illustration © Lyndsay Johnson

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April Kennedy said...

hahahaha...pop and lock!!

my mind is to jumbled with everything I want to do...a bullet list might be overwhelming. but I will work on one after vacation.

Barefootlotuss said...

build a cabin in the woods
ride horses in the woods
learn to make dehydrated chips and flat bread
learn to make Kombucha
play and sing to a harmonium
keep a steady yoga practice going

christina said...

What's pop and lock?

Unknown said...

Maybe I should say "pop n lock" ha. It's a style of dancing. You usually see guys doing it, but it would still be pretty awesome to be able to move like that. That, and belly dancing like Shakira!

Christy said...

Learn to speak and think in another language; live abroad; compete in a triathlon!

Lybi said...

Lyndsay, you HAVE To check out this little example of pop n lock dancing. I can totally see you doing it


On my list:

Learn Spanish well enough to read "Don Quixote"

Run a gall-durn marathon

Write and publish a book

See "Phantom" in the Phantasmic theatre.

Sew a quilt. Don't laugh. I am still working on hemming pants without nearly chucking the machine out the window.

Lybi said...

Oooooh, I just found another fun video of pop n lock, and don't worry, this guy has on more clothes than the last dude.


Unknown said...

Lybi — LOL! I'll work on my abs, and then get right on that. Hahahaha.

And sew a quilt is also something I have never done and would actually like to do. So don't feel funny listing that!

monique said...

ohhohoho! i was just speaking with some co-workers about "pop n lock" the other day....i was told i'm "too white" to do it. i told them i was only white on the outside. it got a big laugh. great list and good luck!

thirtynothing said...

Oh wow, pop n lock! Yes! Have you been watching SYTYCD? I'm pretty sure you can rent some instructional dance videos on netflix and tackle this one in the privacy of your own home. Let us know when you're ready to put on a talent show, and Monique and I will high-tail it to California to see it! Ha! On my list? Kinda sad - get a bootleg copy of Rosetta Stone, and brush up on my French. Get my guest room in order. BE A RUNNER. Go on a real vacation. Be nicer to myself.