Welcoming May with some beautiful trees and a download for you!

I was doing an internet search for blooming trees for a project, and came across some really beautiful images.
A perfect way to welcome a new spring month!

I may be thoroughly modern, but this bed is appealing on some deep, inner-child
(or inner-wood-nymph)
kind of level:

More wonderful ironwork:

I enjoy the whimsy of this image:

Makes me think of the Texas redbuds:

Interesting abstraction:

This isn't a tree, but in my searching, I found out that Lilly of the Valley is the flower for May. I thought this Lilly of the Valley bracelet was simply beautiful. I think I'll wear it while lounging in my tree bed:
Ornate and unique:

Simple and elegant wedding invitations:

I adore this mini Ginko Bonzai tree:

In fact, I adore it so much, that I thought I would create my own little Ginko Bonzai:

Would you like a copy of this little tree? Well, I created a PDF just for you! You can download it HERE.
Happy May!

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Tiffany M. said...

Love this post!

Such lovely images. Your fine taste is an example to all.

thirtynothing said...

Aha! So cute. More freebies! More! :)

Angela said...

Your tree-bed was running in parallel to a lovely NZ blogger's post this morn'. Although you seem to be drawn to earthy neutrals and she to OTT-brights, nonetheless, I thought you might fancy a squiz at your southern hemisphere counterpart.

Laurel said...

Hi! Wow these are all stunning! Love this little bit of visual heaven. Found you ia the lovely Louise. Great blog/post!
You are darling:)
Happy May.

{ a m b e r } said...

I really love this and want to print it but I cannot pull it up...am I doing something wrong?

Crystal Farish said...

So inspiring. I love trees more than anything -- well, almost anything. Thanks for the cute graphic!!

Unknown said...

All fixed! Sorry.

Chris said...

Where did you find the ring? It's is gorgeous! Thanks! Enjoy reading your blog =)

Unknown said...

It looks like I was wrong! The ring is actually a BRACELET! Oops. :) Here is the (exceedingly long) link:


Chris said...

Thank you Lyndsay, much appreciated!