A little helper, coming right up!

Me: "Finn, could you please grab me Maya's polka dot leggings out of her sock drawer? Her knees look scuffed up. No not that drawer, the one under. Not over, under. Yes! That one. Thank you!"

Finn: "Coming right up!"

Procures 2 purple and green polka dot socks.

Me: "No, I need the leggings—the LONG ones, please. Brown polkadot ones. Close, though!"

Finn: "Brown polkadots. Coming right up!"

Procures brown striped tights.

Me: "That's closer! They are longer, but they have stripes. Look for brown polkadots."

Finn: "Coming right up!"

Me: "PERFECT!!!" :)

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Shorty said...

Love the positive persistence in that story! Very cute leggings... I adore polka dots!

Lee said...

Wylee says to me "is that avye?" I told him no and he said "why not?" haha! Love her hair!

Lexi said...

You're right, she IS perfect! :-)

Her hair is getting so long now!

Angela said...

1. Finn = liquid awesome.
2. Those leggings = should belong to me. Well, my cherub.
3. Your new profile pic on the side bar is gorgeous. You stunner you!

P.S. I've been reading for a while. Did I mention that? /biting lip

Beth said...

That is perfect. Good job Finn!

Katie Lane said...

I just happened upon your blog and am so glad I did. Your design is so COOL and your kids are adorable!

thirtynothing said...

Lyndsay, it's true. She IS the most beautiful little girl! Her hair is getting long!

Jessica said...

What a trooper Finn is! And I love baby legs- so cute!!