Corners of My House: Eye Spy

This has been the state of the union around here lately. (See what happens when I get my computer back?!) See if you can spot (from the list of clickable links):
3 sippy cups
Dux inkwell pencil sharpener
Burt's Bees Banana Hand Cream
18 colored pencils (give or take)
Animal Planet Dino-Land How-To page
A fishy
A Valentine to Wes from Finn
A Crystal B. ring
A helicopter
Toddler crayons that Maya still tries to eat
Maya's fave baby food (some stores are discontinuing this...ack!)
An heirloom (Yes, in fact, it is the bracelet. Click the link to read more about it.)

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jen said...

What a great idea! Toddler houses across America look like this! I love it!
Heirloom . . . bracelet?

Bonjour! said...

,,,i spy with my little eye, that life in your home is filled with an abundance of crayons and colored pencils, nic-nacs of every color, shape and size and lots of love,,,clean up not necessary,,,for what is life if not for all these things that we spy with our eyes?

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Is your ring the heirloom?

I love this post btw!

embot said...

Hey there. Sorry i missed the zoo the other day. I was at my first pilates class over at LA Fitness. It was hilarious.

but i definitely want to go with you some time soon. we haven't been in a while.